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DIKEOS analyzes administrative streamlining measures of renewable energy projects approved by the Junta de Andalucía


The Governing Council has approved Decree Law 2/2018, which establishes measures for administrative simplification in energy matters, as well as for the promotion of renewable energy projects to be promoted in Andalusia in the short term.

The new measure eliminates requirements and avoids duplication of procedures, both for buildings and for companies, as well as declaring “investments of strategic interest” the initiatives to make use of renewable sources that correspond to the autonomous community in the framework of the last two auctions called by the central government. In this way, obstacles to the development of these initiatives are eliminated and the fulfillment of the objectives of the Andalusia 2020 Energy Strategy is favoured, which marks the contribution of renewables to the gross final consumption of energy in that year at 25%, compared to the current 17.6%.

In relation to administrative simplification, several provisions that were pioneering in Spain at the time are repealed, but whose procedures repeat state regulations approved subsequently in an application of the European directives on energy efficiency and renewable energies. With the aim of simplification, Decree 50/2008, on administrative procedures related to photovoltaic solar energy, is hereby repealed, and Royal Decree 1955/2000, 1st of December, which regulates the activities of transmission, distribution, marketing, supply and authorisation procedures for electric installations, becomes applicable.

On the other hand, the declaration of investments of strategic interest for new renewable energy projects incorporated in Decree-Law 2/2018 will make it possible to speed up the environmental and sectoral processing of applications for the two auctions that the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and the Digital Agenda called for in 2017. The measure is motivated by the restrictions adopted by the central government with respect to the auctions in question, and the tight deadlines for completing the sectoral and environmental procedures, so that the Andalusian government has opted to promote those initiatives that are viable in economic, social and environmental terms.


Soon, we will present a comparison with the main differences between the procedures for authorising electrical energy installations under the repealed Decree 50/2008 and the Royal Decree 1955/2000, applicable from the moment of publication of Decree Law 2-2018.

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