Renewable Energy Law

In the area of renewable energies, for more than ten years we advise project developers, EPC and component suppliers, investors and financiers in their commitments in Spain.

Our activities include:

Consulting for project developers:

- draft lease agreements on project premises;
- transparency of the energy feed-in contract and the technical conditions of grid feeding;
- processing of requirements and requests from the authorities involved in the various licensing procedures;
- forecast feed-in tariffs and follow-up in specific procedures to maintain the feed-in tariff;
- Expertise on the legal and regulatory framework for project development
- Establishment and registration of project companies.

Consultancy for EPC and component suppliers:

- drafting of EPC-eligible contracts
- drafting of O & M contracts eligible for financing
- Editing component supply contracts and guarantee certificates, drafting of terms and conditions.
- Co-operation with technical consultants in the assessment of EPC and O & M contracts and guarantee certificates.

Advising investors and financing:

- carrying out of legal due diligence examinations, preparation of electronic data spaces, elaboration of proposals for contingencies.
- drafting of investment, framework and project purchase contracts.
- Editing of financing contracts.
- Order of credit protection.
- support of bank financing "project finance".

DIKEOS Abogados, especially our expert Richard Wicke advises you in the area of renewable energy Law.

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