Conflicts and litigation

We have extensive professional experience that allows us to offer our clients legal defence and assistance in Civil, Insolvency, Commercial, Labour, Economic Criminal and Contentious-Administrative proceedings before the Spanish courts and in arbitration proceedings before the main national and international Arbitration Courts. We defend the interests of our clients in order to avoid possible conflicts and face them with the best possible procedural strategy and technical defence.

Each situation requires a unique solution, adapted to the specific case, based on an exhaustive analysis of the litigation, generating a strategy previously defined with the client, clear and precise, that has as objective the interests of our client.

The key points to achieve a good result in the resolution of disputes are:

  • Creation of preventive strategies and / or prior to the judicial or arbitral process
  • Carrying out of extra-judicial actions
  • Analysis of the capacity to take part in a judicial or arbitral process
  • Impulse of judicial proceedings according to your interests
  • Analysis to articulate the defense strategy within the judicial or arbitral process
  • Development of appropriate testing techniques
  • Appeals against all types of judicial decisions
  • Defence in executive or urgent phase

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