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Balearic Islands approves the Climate Change Law, which will restrict diesel from 2025

The plenary session of the Parliament of the Balearic Islands has approved the Law on Climate Change and Energy Transition, which, among other measures, will prohibit the access of diesel vehicles to the Balearic Islands from 2025 and provides for the closure of polluting power plants in the Islands, with the aim of banning fossil fuels and achieve 100% renewable energy in the Community by 2050.

In the mobility measures, the Law proposes to have 1,000 recharging points for electric vehicles by 2025 and to have the fleet completely decarbonized by 2050. To this end, in addition to the veto on diesel car access in 2025, the same prohibition will come into force for the rest of polluting vehicles from 2035 -cars, motorcycles and vans. Those already existing in the Balearic Islands before that date will be able to continue circulating.

It also introduces changes for car rental companies, a sector that will have to operate with a fully electric fleet by 2035. The Climate Change Act, among other measures, also provides for the progressive closure of polluting plants, starting with Es Murterar (Mallorca) from 2020, but also affects the plants of Mahon, Ibiza and Formentera, will require large surface car parks to install marquees with photovoltaic panels, and creates the Balearic Energy Institute, which may create or participate in mercantile to market electricity under free competition.

See here Royal Decree-Law 4/2019 of 22 February on the Special Regime for the Balearic Islands.

Source: Europapress

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